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I'm proud to announce the first public release of luawrapper, version 0.2.1.

Luawrapper is a simple C interpreter, with a companion script, which can be used to build an autonomous statically precompiled binary from a lua script, allowing to use it with no dependency installed. This includes it's C or lua dependencies and even lua itself.
The principle is simple, a lua interpreter is built, linked with all the C dependencies. Then the lua dependencies are wrapped in the resulting executable as additional elf sections.

Because only the elf format is targeted, this approach should work only on platforms able to execute it. It has been tested on debian x86 64 and 32 bits and on 32 bits arm targets.

One use case this project allows, is to build tools that are self contained and which can be put in a usb key and used for debugging purpose, regardless of what is installed on the system.

Luawrapper can be downloaded here :

Any feed back is welcome.