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On Monday, March 23, 2015 11:13:24 AM Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı /Kammer wrote:
> Hi, I'm a GNU Guix packager and have been bitten a few times by Lua
> upstream providing no lua.pc file and yet many programs relying on it
> because some popular distributions have a patch in their Lua package to
> provide the missing .pc file.  It would be nice to fix the problem at
> its root by making Lua provide a .pc file itself.

Your suggestion also falls into the trap of assuming there is only one "Lua" 
on a system. There is not and it is dangerous to use "-llua" without a 

Actually, from what I understand about Guix, you might be the only platform 
that could get away with that because you can present whatever Lua version to 
the build environment under the name "lua" and the package manager will take 
care of linking to the correct version. I'm not sure the rest of us on lesser 
operating systems will appreciate you encouraging unversioned libraries 

tom <>