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Hi, I'm a GNU Guix packager and have been bitten a few times by Lua
upstream providing no lua.pc file and yet many programs relying on it
because some popular distributions have a patch in their Lua package to
provide the missing .pc file.  It would be nice to fix the problem at
its root by making Lua provide a .pc file itself.

It seems like the topic was brought up three years ago but the issue
mentioned in was
never resolved.  I think it should be fairly easy, like adding the
following lines to the 'pc' section in the Makefile:

	@echo "Name: Lua"
	@echo "Cflags: -I${includedir}"
	@echo "Libs: -L${libdir} -llua"

Additionally, making the Makefile write this to $libdir/pkgconfig/lua.pc
automatically during installation would make things more convenient.

I'm shy of providing an actual patch because I'm not a pkg-config expert
but I hope the input helps. :-)