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On Monday, March 09, 2015 01:47:24 PM Pouar wrote:
> Can you please include the option to disable printing the return value
> in interactive mode. It's annoying.
> I'm not suggesting removing it altogether, just the option to disable it.

You're referring to the patch[1] I wrote a few months ago? That's only about 
adding the keyword 'return' to expressions typed in the prompt. Are you saying 
you want to not see the return value from expressions? I don't understand why 
you'd want that.

Not wanting the return from statements is understandable. But whether by 
accident or design you can already do it. Add two semicolons after the 

    > math.random()
    > math.random();;

It also works to type the semicolon before the statement. But neither of these 
will allow you to type an expression.


tom <>