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On 26 February 2015 at 19:16, Aapo Talvensaari
<> wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 27, 2015, 00:10 Aapo Talvensaari <>
> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 26, 2015, 23:59 Andre Murbach Maidl <> wrote:
> Yeah, but to my mind this is also a kind of popularity.
> E.g. Lusty is splitted  to many subprojects of which most (all?) come from
> same developer. Also busted is from there. So, I think it is more like a
> page rank. has download count but it is missleading as
> well (as it is static because most common deps are always at top). Also many
> rocks don't describe deps (even if there are deps, luajit c deps to shared
> libs is especially problematic, or say deps to openresty ecosystem).
> But yes, they tell something... but not much in my opinion. Good modules
> none the less.
> Also it would be interesting to see how many times socket is required just
> to get more precise time(r) (socket. gettime) ;-) - hey could we finally
> have microseconds or even milliseconds time function in plain Lua?

Just repeating what the Lua team has said many times: this
functionality is not available in ANSI C 89, therefore: not likely. (I
think the only non-ANSI-C feature added to the language is dynamic
library loading.)

-- Hisham