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On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 3:22 PM, Dibyendu Majumdar
<> wrote:
> I was expecting "No, it won't ever happen" but hoping for "Sure, we will look
> into it". It is good to know no answer means latter and not former.

as i understand it, it means both.  as this is at least an interesting
exercise, and also that "it won't ever happen" as it's a radical
departure from the Lua design and intentions.

take a look at the LuaJIT history.  at first it was _very_ Lua
compatible, just another implementation, but faster.  and there never
was any intention of "merging" it, or even "converging".  now it's a
distinct dialect, and lots of people still use plain Lua, or both.

similarly, if you happen to hit a new sweet point in the ethernal
struggle of type systems, then congratulations!  but it's not Lua, so
it wouldn't make sense to somehow "incorporate" it.  it would be
_your_ project, just as there are lots of other languages out there.