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> I posted a few days ago that I would be happy to specify an API to
> attach a JIT compiler to Lua. I am still hoping this will be of
> interest, as an optional JIT compiler for Lua will be an asset I
> think.

It looks like you want some kind of answer, but I do not know what
kind of answer you expect.

- IF you want something like "Sure, propose whatever API you have in
mind and it will go into the next distribuition", you can stop now.

- If you want something like "Sure, we will look into it and give
a detailed analisis of pros/cons of the proposal and go on a long
discussion, one trying to convince the other that he is right", we never
do that.

- If you want something like "Sure, we will look into it", we look into
practically everything that is proposed in this list, so you do not need
any answer.

-- Roberto