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Hello, Paul,

Thank you for your interest. Note that this is the first time I'm showing Love Text, so I'm still recieving feedbacks if it compiles/runs or not on different computers. So, if anyone are interested in making test, please, go on!

1. Multi-platform is very possible. But I will make it stable on Linux first.

2. Yes, it provides highlighting and all the theming stuff. Plus, you can set a custom Gtk theme different from the system theme, so the program will look unique.

3. It uses Lua 5.2, but once LGI give support to Lua 5.3, Love Text will adopt the 5.3 version, too.

4. While creating Love Text, I'm trying to grab good features from others text editors and avoid their pitfalls.
For example, gedit has a lot of features, but is hard to create plugins, is bulky and crashes a lot (at least with me); Mousepad is stable but lack features; Sublime Text is beautiful, but is bulky and closed-source.

I have some short-term plans, like creating a minimap plugin and command palette (like we see in Sublime Text).

Best regards,

2015-02-12 9:27 GMT-03:00 Paul Merrell <>:
On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 2:50 PM, Felipe Ferreira da Silva
<> wrote:

> My name is Felipe Ferreira, I wanna share a link of a text editor I'm
> creating, **Love Text**.
> It is written in C and extensible with Lua. I'm using LGI library to extend
> the editor.

Hi, Felipe,

I maintain the Where Lua Is Used page.[1]

I'd like to get a bit more information about Love Text to include in
that page. Your description is very short.

* Since you're using LGI, I presume Love Text will build on Windows,
OS X, and Linux only. Correct? (I personally am fond of multi-platform
software; I ask only to make sure I've got that right.)

* Because you are using GTK Sourceview, I presume Love Text supports
source language highlighting and line numbering. Correct?

* What version of Lua is embedded?

* Any other features that set Love Text apart from other plain text editors?

Best regards,


[1] <>.

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Felipe Ferreira da Silva
Ciências Biológicas
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