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On 2015-02-11 20:29 Sean Conner wrote:
It was thus said that the Great Igor Medeiros once stated:
Dear contributors,

Is there a way to covert a string whose characters are encoded in utf8, to
a string with characters encoded in iso-8859-1, just using lua standard
libs? I cannot use libs with C codes.

If there is, could you tell me how to do that or even point some site with
this information?
   I don't know of any existing Lua code to do this, but the concept is

	1. convert UTF-8 sequence to a Unicode codepoint

	2. Convert the Unicode codepoint
	LARGE PDF) to ISO-8859-1 codepoint

	3. Go back to step 1 if more data.

   -spc (That should be enough to get you going ... )

Actually, the Latin 1 subset of unicode has the same codepoints as Latin1. It's just that UTF-8 is a different encoding. The following suffices to do the conversion with Lua 5.3:

    function utf8_to_latin1(s)
        local r = ''
        for _, c in do
            r = r .. string.char(c)
        return r

HTH, Christian