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I am not sure but I think that problem is in lpeg environment (ktable)
confict  with
moonscript function enviroment for parser (-- auto declare Proper
variables with lpeg.V function wrap_env)
When I remove moonscript writing to function enviroment (parse.lua 118
rawset(self, name, v)) than bug
disapears. This of course disables nonterminal symbol caching.


> On 03/02/2015 16:44, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
>>> I just tested it with LPeg 0.12.1, the problem still exists.
>>> LPeg 0.10 is fine with that test.
>>> [1]
>> The isse described in that message seems to be about moonscript, not
>> about LPeg. If you isolate what is the issue with LPeg, I can have a
>> look at it.
> I've reported this issue to the author of MoonScript 7 month ago. No
> reply.
> Now I'm reporting it to the author of LPeg. :)
> Both of you have way more knowledge than I do to resolve the issue.
> Thanks.
> --
> Shmuel