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LuaExec is another take on multitasking for Lua.
This is version 0.83, an update and maintenance release.

LuaExec provides multiple threads of execution with concise semantics,
behaving understandably, platform-independently and unencumbered by OS
specific details, for Lua 5.1-5.3 on POSIX and Windows. Changes since

- severe bugs in sender name assignment and retrieval fixed
- join() could illegally forward signals to already dead tasks, fixed
- waitmsg() recalculation of waittime corrected
- no longer requires LUA_COMPAT_MODULE with Lua 5.2/5.3
- tutorial and primer on multitasking added
- some stress tests added
- Windows HAL now uses atomics instead of locking
- HTTP server example improved, but no longer installed

Your feedback welcome,

Timm S. Mueller <>
Schulze & Mueller GbR, Jungstr. 2, 10247 Berlin,
Gesellschafter: Franciska Schulze, Timm S. Mueller,
Tel. +49 30 85610000,