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pbLua[1] unofficial firmware replacement probably made an impact :}

On 1/25/15, Andrew Starks <> wrote:
> i didn't see this mentioned (because I may not have the correct address of
> the Where Lua Is Used page):
> The newest Lego Mindstorm cpu uses an arm9 based processor and Lego has
> opened the firmware for hacking. These guys have a Linux distribution
> configured with a language binding interface, which uses files to
> communicate with the hardware. Any language that can open a file is
> supported.
> They've included Lua bindings and some test applications. Lua 5.1 is
> installed by default. I've installed Lua 5.3 and it works great. I'm
> working on setting up remote debugging with ZBS, but the version
> of luasocket installed by luarocks is not happy with 5.3, so I have more
> fiddling to do there.
> Anyway, the binding that they provide is very simple and therefore
> infinitely hackable.
> -Andrew