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On Tue, 20 Jan 2015 21:57:46 +0000
Jerome Vuarand <> wrote:

> For what it's worth my dump module [1] handles cycles, very large
> tables (may require some tweaks to the splitting threshold depending
> on your data) and 5.3. It's in pure Lua, and the output is designed to
> be human-readable and sensibly organized, so it's not very fast. But
> I've used it in the past for offline processing of multi gigabyte
> datasets, so it should work for you.
> [1]

Thank you, and I will add it to my testbed tomorrow.

It will take some time until I get to a full assessment of all of them,
and in view of the many contributions I'm not making promises if and
when I'm disclosing any results. :-)

I shouldn't have written that "Lua would be fine", because I am more
after a dumper written in C. Any candidates? Maybe I will simply pick a
Lua one and transfer it to C. And I'm still taking MsgPack and JSON
format into consideration, too, despite some limitations.

- Timm

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