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On 16/01/2015 22:59, mempko wrote:
Hello All,

I just released Fire★ 0.5 with Lua 5.3 support.

You can download binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows here:

You can find the source here:

If there are bugs, please submit them here:

Or post them to the mailing list

Hope you guys enjoy my project. Lua is fantastic and was my first choice
when I decided which programming language to use for Fire★ apps.


Hi! Just a reminder: it is customary on this list that an announcement for a project (even an established one) should start with a brief description of the project itself and its scope. A couple of lines may suffice, e.g.:

"Waterstorm is a C library for Lua 5.3 allowing fast decoding/encoding of packets in Glurble protocol on embedded Citrux platforms." :-)

This is to avoid forcing people to click links just to discover the project is not interesting for them.


-- Lorenzo