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It was thus said that the Great Jorge once stated:
> Errrrr, I don't know what /you/ are arguing about... That was an example 
> of a function that could be unable to return a value under normal 
> conditions, where returning nil is reasonable. As I stated, it could 
> provide an error message if deemed neccesary, or not it it wasn't. I was 
> asking Roberto how was he envisioning this use case under the 
> false-errormessage pattern he mentioned. (read() returning false instead 
> of nil would preclude read() from reading booleans)

  I'm reading this thread piecemeal (work work work, okay, compiling, check
email for a bit, work work work, recompiling, check email for a bit) and I
think I lost the thread of what was being said by whom.