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2nd - aim and goals 4 programming:
- local or optional cloud enviroments for everything and controllers, cuz ppl need space to act space as a 'home/pocket' and words for say whats inside them, and its also well 4 buerocracy wich can be started globally wid that 90+10% method, or from groups who accept possibilitiez, and then u can make buerocracy 4 a workteam a flat a street a city a group of ppl by any property and mainly by the guidelines of locale geographical organizations, or mayb the whole world ... if we are talkin about universal and unseparated thingz the question is the starting and the 'blood/changing stuff' - i think its not neccessary if ppl are well informed and they have space and possibilitiez to do anything they wont harm each otherz, theze are cuz the slavery and not cuz the evil inside, they just need stuff too much, and they are willing to get their stuff anyway. there would be even more stable familiez and social organizationz if ppl have the ability and space to act the way as life can taste good :) the changing the time and the level of understanding are the main questionz. if we wont do theze a young Japanese boy gonna do it first or  the Russianz build it faster or Bill Gate$ or €IA or any1 who wants money power and a lotsa slaves, not as we do (yea sur its a public mail, >the race started< but its an ultimatum anyway, and they can take part grab weaponz or shut down the internet lol)
- a base to reach everything wich can be a public info (we can uze everything existent via lua or write our own or anything but im thinkin about why we shud rebuild a google a fb a wikipedia or anythin if they worx well 4 their purpose and they still can play the same game as im about :) ) so everything is for every1 but livin beinz objectz personal/private info and access to control. about control - if we build it as whoz name inside the sys he/she can reach that point (not the data behind but the structures) and Lua is pretty good to close inside and outside stuff so we gonna need security, and a closedown when we reach the point when we can offer our bulshit to the big wize comp, but cant ruin its inside (i have ideas 4 howto, its for later work). and we still can keep that seven sigillum to open the core up together wid them - so epic...
- an enviroment wich is improveable in any part by anyone or at least an organized public forum if they can write only and cant act... and they can keep their stuff private, they can make groups for sharing stuff like its already on fb or in ur handyz contact manager, just and advanced one wich can organize save programmable flagable classable hierarchic and whatever so it need to be abled to do everything but its as a simple task as a metatable :)

3rd - the reorganizing of the world wich depends on the previous stuff only (and cant go faster than it! only can make a lotsa bleeding), and i already told a lot previously when i talked about humanz:
- there cant be any brand, only origins names contacts (+ 4 find the trollz) and timestamps. ppl still can save their groupz organizationz and places if they are playing nice 2gether wid otherz.
- there cant be marketing and salesman, mayb a helpdesk or forumadmin a securityguy or the guy who are tall enough to reach the upper selfz for u lol - therez a solution for most of the jobz, but we cant stand up before they are takes place, most of them needs only administrative canges :) , we can make the races of products by quality quantity resources geolocales featurez and stuff, and put them in a hierarchy wich is searchable wich can give us recommended stuff or say who need more customerz (small businessez but i think on this point its not an existencial question but only can give more possibilitiez to this smaller business) and if im about to find a stuff i can use this stuff, markets can have a terminal (at least behind a wifi) so we backported the nontechnocratic humanz to the system and we can even put there inside our list of possibilitiez a box wid new stuff random stuff most popular stuff or thoze who need help, mayb 4 their products - help each other! :)
- education can be automatized, there are good quality educational stuffz in various formz, all of it needed to be free for everyone ("why who can own it?" ... "ok for a yr and gtfo start the new job"), or it can take place in scientific laboratoriez, and like in good old times it can take place at workplaces when daddy said hiz child "ok come wid me ur old enough" or whatever - it gives actual technology, even the weakest and dumbest can help in something (and they can be weigh by their previous performance or it can be a way for anyone) and improve in hiz/her job the abilitiez knowledge accessoriez and whatever so a career without a shitload of school (i hate schoolz. when i kno enough im bored, when im not i missed my path, or the teacher is dumbass, or the level is for dumbasses)
- systems behind buerocracy widout 'small ppl inside the box who make ur coffee when u give them a few change' cant ask ur money, but if u get a personz time u can pay mayb shud or dunno im dumbass to money i kno i kud b rich and famous nevermind.

ok i can write much more about theze but i wont only if u ask mayb i gonna uze proper gramma if any1 seemz enuf serious as he/she wants to understand my stuff (and shorter answers as they are more focused)

and yea plz call it 'Szoszi' ( random src 4 spellin, ive never heard it before, but the spellin is at 0:57 twice as its in the title and 3:50) its my big wish! its the name of my main sponzor (Weed <3 in Hungarian slang, and i hate war on drugz and even war and politix and stuff, its also uzed as a welcome (so it can b a 'Hello world!' or a 'Goodbye inconvenient words!'), and i thought a lot about how to chose a name, i thought a new english stuff wudnt b as kawl (meanz cool right from Ohio and its a kawl word.), a latin is so dry a function declarational long or shorten name wuold b fakdapp for a tower of babel and an ancient or univerzal big stuff ownin its name and its not that stuff so why steal it (sorry weed), and so on ... aand and yepp its ascii! :D)

thx 4 every1 who reached this line, i think i need a team, and i want to finnish the gui wid the flowsheetz and programming without type a single fuk, and 'the borg can assimilate' every code, and a good selfupgrading mechanism at least, and i gonna publicate almost everything up to 6th of May if we cant do it together up to this time (cuz i need this date even if i can sho up nuttin workin as i wont :) i still can publicate more from these wordz, i hope u gonna help me to build this stuff, its better than a new chess implementation and a new millionair slave keeper out there ....i think ;)

and yea sur: all the bestz 4 u guyz! :)