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Hi all,

Just another experience report like many posted earlier here on the list.

I just noticed that `luarocks upload` was failing under Lua 5.3.0 (a
part of the code I didn't exercise early because, well, I can't upload
packages from the testsuite — yeah, yeah, I know I should make a mock
server and whatnot... contributions are welcome! ;) )

Turns out that when lua-cjson decodes numbers, it is always decoding
them as floats. And the code in luarocks/upload.lua was doing
something this:

api:method("upload_rock/" .. tostring(

I had to change it to this:

api:method("upload_rock/" .. ("%d"):format(

I know things like this have been discussed earlier on but I thought
I'd share this just to "bump" this tip for those going through
something similar now that 5.3 is out.

-- Hisham