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> On 7 January 2015 at 19:53, Diego Nehab <> wrote:
>> I guess it is time I relinquish control to
>> the community. What do you think is a good way of doing this? Is anybody
>> interested in taking over?
> As the project is already being managed on github, you can just give
> others permission to the repository.
> I'd suggest giving users who have contributed to the repository
> membership to the team.
> If you would like to abdicate as benevolent dictator, you can make a
> team that will 'own' the project,
> however someone will need to be elected to break arguments, decide
> when it's time for a release, etc.
> You may want to stay on in this role.

I am too busy to become the sole maintainer of LuaSocket,
especially since I don't use Lua professionally anymore (for now).

I would certainly like to be part of a maintenance team like
Daurminator proposes and I am very much in favor of this model
(I even said so in my Lua Workshop 2013 talk [1]).