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Dear all,

LuaSocket was the result of my "undergraduate final project" under the supervision of Roberto back in 1999. As some of you already know, these days I do research mostly in computer graphics, so it is hard to justify the investment. Over the past few years, I have not been able to dedicate enough time to maintaining LuaSocket. I always think I'll have more time soon but this never seems to happen.

As has always been the case, many of LuaSocket users know a lot more about network programming than I do. I guess it is time I relinquish control to the community. What do you think is a good way of doing this? Is anybody interested in taking over?

Of course, I'll be always available to answer any questions that may arise and to give advice on the design principles and on the philosophy of the library.

Kind regards,

PS: I still use Lua all the time, except I rarely need networking these days.