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Read and write YAML format files with Lua.

I am happy to announce release 5.1.4 of lyaml.

lyaml's home page is at

With this release, lyaml is moving to semantic versioning.  The main feature
of this release is to add Lua 5.3.0 compatibility, though moving to the
latest slingshot has improved the release process, and fixed some small bugs, 
This version of lyaml is required to use
[Specl 14.0.0](
with Lua 5.3, but is a recommended upgrade for all users in any case.

## Noteworthy changes in release 5.1.4 (2015-01-01) [stable]

### New Features

  - Lua 5.3.0 compatibility.

### Bugs Fixed

  - No more spurious .travis.yml is out of date warnings during
    `luarocks install lyaml`.

  - When using `sudo make install` instead of LuaRocks, `` is now
    correctly installed to `$luaexecdir`.

Install it with LuaRocks, using:

    luarocks install lyaml 5.1.4