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> This seems to be triggered by the fact that lprefix.h sets
> _XOPEN_SOURCE to 600.
> At this point in the release cycle I think the best fix is probably
> to add "-std=gnu99" to SYSCFLAGS in the solaris target of the
> makefile.  Alternatively one could add "-D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500" to the
> SYSCFLAGS, but maybe it was set to 600 for a reason and I'm not sure
> what the implications are of changing it to 500.

Some POSIX functions that Lua uses are not available with
"-D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500" (at least in Linux).

> It does compile okay after changing to a c99 compiler.  The "c99"
> compiler from Solaris Studio 12.3 compiles with no warnings.  The
> bundled gcc (version 3.4.3 plus patches) produces some warnings but
> in my experience that is not unexpected from an older gcc.  Using a
> locally built gcc 4.8.1 produces only one warning, listed below,
> which may be an artifact of compiling in c99 mode.

Just to check: "The bundled gcc" means using Lua out of the package,
only adding "-std=gnu99" to SYSCFLAGS? Does "-std=c99" work too?

-- Roberto