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> Any benchmarks with Lua 5.3 should take into consideration the size of
> lua_Number and lua_Interger and also the architecture you are running
> on. I would recommend doing a separate benchmark with 5.3 for both
> 32-bit and 64-bit sizes. I suspect (hope?) the 32-bit variant comes
> closer to your old 5.1 behavior. (Perhaps you should also test a
> variant that is double/int.)

Not only benchmarks! Any application that has its own copy of Lua
5.3 should take into consideration the ideal size for lua_Number and
for lua_Integer. All it takes is one single line in 'luaconf.h';
all variants are fully tested (32-bit integers/32-bit floats, 32-bit
integers/64-bit floats, 64-bit integers/32-bit floats, and 64-bit
integers/64-bit floats.)

-- Roberto