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On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 05:01:11PM -0500, iggyvolz . wrote:
> I would recommend this either be the default or noted on the download/build
> instructions page.  I know you can simply add MYCFLAGS but people trying to
> build for a 64-bit software (like I was a couple weeks ago) might not know
> about this.  Just adding the line "If you are trying to build for 64-bit
> compatible software you will need to specify that by adding
> "MYCFLAGS=-fPIC" on the end of the build script.

While -fPIC is almost always want you want when building and linking
position-independant code, it is also almost never the right thing to
issue when you don't.

So no, this shouldn't be the default.  People who know they need it are
in a position to add it.