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Hello Everyone,

I've recently taken over a few projects for the company I work for where we use Lua for Windows in desktop applications integrated via C++. We use Lua version 5.1.4 in our implementation and link dynamically to lua5.1.dll. Our products are development tools where we distribute the DLL for both our design environment and runtime generated for distribution by our users.

My question is regarding the version resource information for lua5.1.dll. Up until now, it appears we've left it untouched (from it's original distribution), which for the most part appears to be empty. Recently we've had customers inquire about this because the file is flagged when submitting for Windows desktop certification.

I've tried to find some information about how we should proceed, but have been unsuccessful. So my question is, are we allowed to update the version resource information for "lua5.1.dll", and if so, who's information should it contain, the copyright information for Lua, or our own company information? Our documentation does contain copyright information for Lua, but want to make sure we proceed in the correct manner concerning the distributed DLL.

If anyone could provide the correct way to proceed, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance,