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here below is a ticket I had opened on
as far as lua and other programming languages for better performance and cpu usage resource was concerned,
could you please read it and tell me in my case what you would advise?
Regards, Miss Riverso from Belgium

How can Lua be implemented at the max on magento for very small memory footprint and application speed? I would like to have magento shopping cart removed at the maximum of all the send framework heavy stough and use a programming language such as c, c++ or Lua.

I know there are some C++ php extension but as I am not a developer I would like to know what are the best ways to go.

Is Lua better then c, c++, javascript, node.js, ajax asynchronous?

How can I do to implement at a max one of those programing languages on my magento zend framework? Could someone advise me?

I know facebook uses HipHop for PHP HHVM, so I don't know which way to go.