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> I had not thought along that direction. However, I see luaV_finishOp() is
> not a heavily reused function. It seems only be hit through
> lua_resume -> resume -> unroll -> luaV_finishOp
> So I'm not sure whether the case about meta-table or debug-hook is really
> applied. Seems unlikely. Maybe I'm wrong.

It may be "unlikely", but an implementation must support unlikely
events just the same...

Actually, debug-hook does not need luaV_finishOp, because it can only
happens between opcodes. The real problem are metamethods.  When a
metamethod yields, it interrupts the execution of its corresponding
opcode. Then, when we resume the thread later, the sequence lua_resume ->
resume -> unroll -> luaV_finishOp happens to complete the interrupted
opcode. Note that all opcodes handled by luaV_finishOp either do
a call (OP_TFORCALL, OP_CALL, OP_TAILCALL) or can call metamthods.

-- Roberto