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On 25/10/14 19:20, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
>> I also fail to understand the manual which states, "Macros to project
>> non-default integer types (luaL_checkint, luaL_optint, luaL_checklong,
>> luaL_optlong) were deprecated. Use their equivalent over lua_Integer
>> with a type cast (or, when possible, use lua_Integer in your code). "
>> Use their equivalent what?
>   luaL_checkint -> (int)luaL_checkinteger
>   luaL_optint   -> (int)luaL_optinteger
>   etc.
> Is that your question?
> -- Roberto

Thank you, it is yes.

Do you not think that the manual should mention, in the API change
section, that these functions are replacements for the deprecated
luaL_opt* functions or maybe just the fact that they have been introduced?


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