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PE-parser is a pure Lua module to examine PE files (portable executable files), used by Windows and some other platforms [1].


No changes to the core code, just a new commandline utility, also named ‘pe-parser’ to quickly check a file from the commandline.


For example, to quickly check the MS runtime libraries in use;


> C:\Users\Thijs\Dropbox\Lua projects>pe-parser -runtime .\luanode\luanode.exe c:\temp\lua-5.2.1\install\bin\lua.exe

> MSVCR90 found in '.\luanode\LuaNode.exe' is used by '.\luanode\LuaNode.exe'

> MSVCRT found in 'c:\temp\lua-5.2.1\install\bin\lua.exe' is used by 'c:\temp\lua-5.2.1\install\bin\lua.exe'


> C:\Users\Thijs\Dropbox\Lua projects>


Available as a rock on Moonrocks [2]. Enjoy!