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Thanks for the help. The problem was my lack of understanding of how this all worked. When you ‘make install’ it shows you where it put everything, and I was trying to change the luaconf.h in the spot that the install said it was, thinking that would change things. I realize now that I had to rebuild lua with the new source code and then install it.
On Jul 25, 2014, at 2:57 AM, Sean Conner <> wrote:

> It was thus said that the Great Mason Mackaman once stated:
>> Lua 5.2.2
>> What do I have to change in the source code so that ‘package.path’ will be
>> a custom path? I changed LUA_PATH_DEFAULT in luaconf.h but it didn’t do
>> anything. Actually I deleted luaconf.h from where it was installed and
>> ‘package.path’ still had the same value, which makes me think it doesn’t
>> do anything (but it has too?!).
>  Silly questions:
> 1. Did you recompile Lua?
> 2. Did you run the right Lua interpreter?
> 3. Did you change the right LUA_PATH_DEFAULT for your platform (Windows vs.
> non-Windows).
> 4. Do you have the environment variable LUA_PATH, LUA_CPATH or LUA_INIT
> defined?
>  I made a change to LUA_PATH_DEFAULT in luaconf.h and I found that
> condition 4 was messing up the results.  
>  -spc