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Did you have a free dyndns account? Or a noip? Then this is for you.

From the README:

# twrnip-post

A client for posting Dynamic IP addresses to twitter.

The typical place to install this is a home router using OpenWRT.

## What is twrnip?

Twrnip is a protocol for doing over twitter what you usually would do using a Dynamic DNS service: have your temporary IP address
available for all to see.

This service is half of the solution: it will tweet your IP address as soon as it changes. It will also delete the previous obsolete announcement, of course.

Then anyone (including yourself) can check the announcement and copy&paste the IP into a web browser, or stream them in using the twitter API and configure a DNS, or patch the hosts file, you get the idea.

The messages look as follows:


The #twrnip at the beginning indicates that this is a twrnip message, then might come some additional tags (in case the user has several services)
and finally an IP address.

No, it won't publish port numbers, because that would cross network layers.