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On 11 July 2014 12:48, Aaron Faanes <> wrote:
On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 11:37 PM, Michael Richter <> wrote:

On 11 July 2014 12:32, Aaron Faanes <> wrote:
Lua's biggest downside is …
The lack of public access to real-time development is a significant impediment to public involvement. 

It's amazing how perspectives can differ.  To me this is a selling point.

To each their own. ;) I mean, I'm not for a free-for-all commit access or anything, but they could at least publish their git/svn/whatever-they-use repo and give us an opportunity to see how things are progressing. It would also give others an opportunity to patch against the latest development release (which I imagine is much more useful for upstream than patching against a maintained release, which to them is old code).

I'm just not a believer in the cult of social coding.  If there were a history of Lua's developers making universally bone-headed design decisions I might be more open to the notion of social coding correcting this.  (Although, to be honest, I'd be even more open to just moving languages.)  What I typically see in social coding situations is a bunch of mediocre programmer primates screeching and throwing dung at people who know better.

"Perhaps people don't believe this, but throughout all of the discussions of entering China our focus has really been what's best for the Chinese people. It's not been about our revenue or profit or whatnot."
--Sergey Brin, demonstrating the emptiness of the "don't be evil" mantra.