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On 10.07.2014 15:03, Alex Queiroz wrote:
It would be interesting if LuaJIT became its own language, changed name, and finally split. The user bases are not really the same: Lua has always been and will always be for embedding in as many platforms as possible.

That's why the split is bad, even though it's happening. Taday, if LuaJIT doesn't support a platform, Lua 5.1 can be used instead, that's convenient.
However, in order to keep them in sync the authors must cooperate.

I'm on 5.1 and not planning a transition in any near future because I haven't seen changes that would make me do the switch. I didn't keep a close eye on 5.3 though. Lua desperately needs a form of optional static typing, not those gotos with ugly syntax. LuaJIT goes in a more practical direction than Lua.

As a side note, Lua and LuaJIT approaches still have a lot in common. Implementation significantly influences their design. E.g. in Lua 5.2 you must set a metatable for an object after you set __gc field in it, which only makes sense for efficiency. LuaJIT dropped tail call count and made hooks global for the sake of efficiency. //Hooks belonging to threads only brought me troubles in stock Lua anyway.

Best regards,
Sergey Rozhenko