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On Jul 9, 2014 7:42 PM, "Rena" <> wrote:
> I agree with a lot of what the OP said. However I continue to use Lua and put up with these weaknesses because even with them, it's a pretty fantastic language. Using C or C++ for some tasks would be a nightmare whereas Lua makes them super simple, and no other language I know of is nearly as small, simple, efficient and powerful all at once.
> I've often thought about making a Lua "clone" with the goal of being "not quite as small as Lua, but close".

I forgot to mention, my personal biggest pet peeve of Lua is none of what OP mentioned: it's inconsistent metatable honouring in the C API. I understand 5.2 and 5.3 have improved some of this but it's still an issue sometimes. E.g. lua_isstring/lua_tostring/table.concat not honouring __tostring, lua_rawseti but no lua_seti. I've been bit by these a few times before.