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Quoting William Ahern <>:

On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 09:33:43AM +0200, wrote:
To explain the problem (try two):
I can't install the lua compiler (lua do org) with the newest version of
Ubuntu, quote out of the manual of lua to install lua:
FWIW, Lua 5.2.3 (the latest version) comes packaged for Ubuntu 14.04
LTS already. Just do

$ sudo apt-get install lua5.2

and for the development headers:

$ sudo apt-get install liblua5.2-dev

As others have pointed out, your problem with compiling is a missing
dependency. But unless you want to install a modified version (something yousay you "refuse" to do), there's no reason not to install the package.

As first, thanks, this did now install without any error, what I still don't understand 'is even stranger':
I still did not decide which tool I will use, that's why I installed:
- ZeroBrane Studio <-> It does not throw a error-msg while I try to debbug/run a demo scripts, as it also does not open the window for the script, it just shows, quote;
"Debugging session started in '/opt/zbstudio/myprograms/'.
Debugging session completed (traced 0 instructions).
Program completed in 1.06 seconds (pid: 2815)."
- CodeLite <-> In Settings, Build Settings, Advanced, Compilers are the GCC compiler versions listened, but still not Lua...
- Lua Development Tools <-> This software package does not run after a successful installation with Ubuntu 14.04, I should mention this to these developers, but I need to retest the installer, probably I will do this tomorrow, 'I go to bed soon - GMT+1'.
- PolyCode <-> It's running, but I think the compiler is integrated, and I do not like that no syntax highlighting is integrated. (Unless this 'small failure' (a new version should come after the website) seems this Game Developer Software Kit to be incredible!)

Mr. M. Bärlocher