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Leaf, as mentioned some month ago - great work.

However, i am also not happy about the openresty dependency.
I read "nginx" on the list, i think it will be interesting to go one step further and talk about fastcgi.

Yes i know that lapis is using the openresty/nginx modules and that this is a great performance.

But there are many users who doesn't care as much about performance and just want to use such great stuff.

Maybe i'll try to take a look at lapis within the next weeks in my holiday for some tests if something like lapis on fastcgi will be possible.


> Am 19.06.2014 um 02:59 schrieb leaf corcoran <>:
> The Lapis API completely abstracts the Nginx API so for most
> applications you won't write any code that depends on the Nginx
> module. Sadly I only support Nginx as a backend right now. I'm open to
> trying out different things though. I actually originally had support
> for Xavante but that's long removed.
> Nginx is pretty good at hosting Lua applications though, in your case
> I would suggest using lighttpd to reverse proxy to an nginx process
> running the Lua app.
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 11:23 PM, David Demelier
> <> wrote:
>> Le 17/06/2014 22:55, leaf corcoran a écrit :
>>> Hello,
>>> Yesterday I released a new version of my Lua powered web framework,
>>> Lapis. This marks version 1.0.0, I'm pretty excited about how far it's
>>> come.
>>> The biggest feature of this new release is a proper Lua API. If
>>> MoonScript isn't your thing you can now write entire applications
>>> without touching a line of it. You can find the entire changelog here:
>>> I've completely overhauled the reference manual to have both
>>> MoonScript and Lua examples inline. There's a brand new Lua getting
>>> started guide here:
>>> It should be
>>> easier than ever for new users to start building websites.
>>> The Lua support takes advantage of a new embedded Lua template
>>> compiler I released a couple months ago:
>>> The project is about 2 years old since the first commit. I've been
>>> running two sites in production on it for over a year:
>>> and The framework itself is backed by
>>> broad range of tests. The site I build alongside the framework,
>>>, is over 45k lines of code and organization has not been an
>>> issue as the site expands.
>>> Maintaining the sites has been simple and reliable, performance and
>>> memory is great for the small machines I run the sites on. Lapis is
>>> ready for others to build production grade web applications. It comes
>>> with very mature documentation:
>>> and support for building robust testing suites:
>>> along with an easy way
>>> to define deployment configurations:
>>> You can also find Lapis on TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks:
>>> Thanks for checking it out!
>> Hi,
>> I always wanted a Lua web framework. This one looks very great! However it
>> seems that it is a *requirement* to have nginx, isn't it? I don't plan to
>> replace my lighttpd so is it possible in the future to create an application
>> without nginx at all?
>> Regards,
>> David.