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Le 17/06/2014 22:55, leaf corcoran a écrit :

Yesterday I released a new version of my Lua powered web framework,
Lapis. This marks version 1.0.0, I'm pretty excited about how far it's

The biggest feature of this new release is a proper Lua API. If
MoonScript isn't your thing you can now write entire applications
without touching a line of it. You can find the entire changelog here:

I've completely overhauled the reference manual to have both
MoonScript and Lua examples inline. There's a brand new Lua getting
started guide here: It should be
easier than ever for new users to start building websites.

The Lua support takes advantage of a new embedded Lua template
compiler I released a couple months ago:

The project is about 2 years old since the first commit. I've been
running two sites in production on it for over a year:
and The framework itself is backed by
broad range of tests. The site I build alongside the framework,, is over 45k lines of code and organization has not been an
issue as the site expands.

Maintaining the sites has been simple and reliable, performance and
memory is great for the small machines I run the sites on. Lapis is
ready for others to build production grade web applications. It comes
with very mature documentation:
and support for building robust testing suites: along with an easy way
to define deployment configurations:

You can also find Lapis on TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks:

Thanks for checking it out!


I always wanted a Lua web framework. This one looks very great! However it seems that it is a *requirement* to have nginx, isn't it? I don't plan to replace my lighttpd so is it possible in the future to create an application without nginx at all?