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On May 15, 2014, at 2:30 AM, Enrico Colombini <> wrote:

> On 14/05/2014 10.50, Tim Hill wrote:
>> Pretty much .. though it’s paper tape not punched cards .. a “hole”
>> was a 1, non-hole a 0, so the only way to erase a character was to
>> punch out ALL the holes, hence 127 (the 8th bit was nominally a
>> parity bit). In fact, DEL is really “IGNORE” since when reading the
>> tape and 127 codes were usually silently skipped by the computer or
>> reader.
> Very interesting, thanks for the information!
> (my first 6502 assembler for the KIM-1 was on punched tape; the tape had a spurious hole and we had to find and fix the wrong byte in memory to avoid waiting for a replacement)
> -- 
>  Enrico

...and I thought having cassette as my first data storage device was bad! ;)

6502 was also my first assembler experience, was pretty amazing just how much faster things went in assembler vs BASIC!