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Excerpts from Paige DePol's message of 2014-05-06 03:26:49 +0200:
> Huge ivore tower syntax thing

Code does not look horrible though I can't find cosmetics slapped
on otherwise useful/powerful primitive agreeable.

I know it is simpler to hack the parser than write transpiler
for this, but the point is to keep C as minimal as possible,
ie there is power ratio which cosmetic syntax ruins.

Same effect, with less code, can be achieved by making current goto
labels addresable identifiers. ie identifier yielding index in
internal label table.

> No jumping outside of scope
> No jumping when there is a sub-scope peresent

Unfortunately this fairly limits utility. For actual computed
gotos, You need to carry with each label BCPos range _from_
where it is legal to jump to it (literally CAMEFROM Implementation :).
Technically, move the scope invariant check from compile time to run time.