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I tried posting this a couple days ago but my message was rejected for being too large, so I set up a GitHub page to host this patch and a bunch of other patches I also have. Note, only this patch has been added to GitHub so far, the others will follow!

This patch is exciting as it adds a new feature to Lua; Jump Tables, this addition then allows for two new features; Switch/Case and Computed Goto. This patch does add a new opcode, OP_JMPTBL, so it will not be bytecode compatible with unpatched versions of Lua.

Additionally the patch adds two additional features, which are related to Jump Tables in that they all use the new `continue` keyword. The first additional feature is a new shortcut if statement, the second is the addition of `continue` as a loop flow control keyword.

The patch is available via GitHub at the following address:

The .patch file is the actual patch and the .tests file is a patch file to patch the test suite.

Please read the, which is automatically shown, as it contains everything you need to know about the patch!

I appreciate any and all feedback, I hope anyone using a custom Lua will try out this patch and let me know what they think of it! :)