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On 29/03/2014 01:06, Richard Hundt wrote:

I'm pleased to announce the first early release of Shine [1].

Shine is a programming language which is a loose super-set of Lua, and
is built on TvmJIT [2], a modified version of LuaJIT by François Perrad.

The project - initially under the working name of Nyanga - grew out of
seeing common requests for additions to the Lua language, such as a
`continue` statement, ranges, default
The language and runtime have since grown further to include many
additional features, some of which are experimental, and all of which
I'm happy to take feedback on. And becau
Notable extensions to Lua include:

* Bitwise operators.
* Standard libraries (mostly FFI based).
* LPeg language integration.
* Classes and modules .
* `continue` statement.

Just for that I will have a look ! This is one of the most annoying thing in Lua, the lacks of continue.

* `try`, `catch`, `finally`
* Destructuring assignment.
* Pattern matching.
* Default function parameters.
* Function parameter guards.
* Richer type system.
* Concurrency primitives
* OS Threads (experimental)

Shine currently compiles on OS X and Linux. Work is under way on getting
it to compile on MinGW.


Feedback welcome!

Kind regards,

Thanks, Regards.