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  Yes, LuaBinaries is still maintained. 

  I didn't release binaries for 5.2.2 and for 5.2.3 because there were just
bug fixes, and so I wait to build on demand. 

  But last week a user asked for 5.2.3, plus you now,  so I schedule a build
for Monday. 

Antonio Scuri

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> Behalf Of Paul Baker
> Sent: domingo, 30 de março de 2014 08:36
> To: Lua mailing list
> Subject: Is LuaBinaries still being maintained?
> I notice that the documentation for Lua 5.3 (work2)
> [] still directs readers to LuaBinaries to
> an executable version of the language. Unfortunately it seems that
> LuaBinaries has not been updated in almost 2 years. The latest binaries
> available are for 5.2.1. By now, it would be good to have binaries of
5.2.2 and
> 5.2.3 available and, ideally, binaries for the work versions of 5.3 as
well (at
> least for the major platforms).
> Is LuaBinaries likely to be updated with these files in the future?
> I think Lua benefits significantly from having (semi-) official binaries,
and until
> mid-2012 I believe LuaBinaries did a good job of providing these. I
> particularly liked the minimalist approach and the ease of installation:
> extract the downloaded archive.