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On 23/03/2014 5.24, Dirk Laurie wrote:
I note with gratification that the bit32 library is now

Uh oh... I'd better read carefully the manual! I just wrote a music compiler that uses bit32 heavily in the code generation module.

I am definitely not complaining, the native bitwise operators are very welcome. Thanks to the Lua team for the great work!

In a near future I will have to decide: publish my program as it is (for 5.2 only), make it work with both 5.2 and 5.3 by adding a few compatibility functions to emulate bitlib, or jump directly to 5.3 only?

This being a new program and part of an educational work, I would greatly prefer the latter solution (5.3 only), not least to avoid having to fully re-test it with 5.3 integers at a later time. That could however pose a problem with naive users in Linux distributions, that will probably not offer 5.3 for some time (my Lua program is just a tool in a larger project).

I'll have to think about it (I guess I am not alone with this sort of doubts).