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2014-03-11 19:49 GMT+02:00  <>:
> Dirk Laurie <> [14-03-11 18:43]:
>> 2014-03-11 19:25 GMT+02:00  <>:
>> > And I will do it in pure Lua since this is the
>> > reason why I do this in pure Lua! ;)
>> Do programs that contain
>>      lpeg = require"lpeg"
>> count as pure Lua?

> with "pure Lua" I meant, that all code which runs
> is Lua script.
> It is a complete personal opinion of a neerd. It is
> not reality related or somehow reasoned.
> Its like the feeling of not wanting a swiss army
> knife with a Nike logo on it. It does not harm the
> knife...but...
> I like C when I program in (pure) C. And I like Lua.
> As much as I like C.
> Currently I want pure Lua code ;)

Meino, I can't deduce from that the answer to my question.

Am I allowed to use LPeg (which is very commonly available and may
well, according to Roberto [1], be included in the next Lua) or not?

[1] <>