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I don't even understand the terminology of this thread :-(, but due to few mechanical keyword matches, these are links to TAJS - a project dealing with JS type inference, which I spotted coincidentally few years back:

One more JS (code services for in-IDE usage):

Kind regards,

P.S. Personally, as a DB guy far-far away from the CS, I always have been thinking that it would be productive if the ASTs, Points-to analysis, Call graph, etc. to be stored in unified database and an appropriate (declarative?) code query/update language to be identified/invented.

Because this way, it might be possible, analysis procedures/packages written by various researches, during the work on various languages and concrete problems, to be reused at given level of abstraction and upwards?

So far I have spotted only one (active + FOSS) project which touches that approach (seems too complicated for me so far, but might turn out easy and nice for someone here):

P.P.S. While checking the Rascal links, just realized a Lua related showcase by the same team: