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If I understand the requirement correctly, with some limitations it is
possible to do this with Pluto/Eris using a simple "init" script that
gets fed to the interpreter. Since I had a portion of this lying around
from earlier tests and found the idea interesting, I put a naive
approach for such a script together [1]. It works well for simple things
(i.e. anything not userdata).

The limitations (I could think of, there are bound to be more) I
outlined in the comment on top of the script. The main issue is
userdata, of course, which cannot be persisted automatically - so even
if you "only" have open file handles flying around, it will fail. That's
an issue with any approach on persistence, though.



On 2014-02-27 12:38 PM, Mateusz Czaplinski wrote:
> Does anyone know of some Lua interpreter environment supporting automatic
> persistence of full global environment? (i.e. hacking in interpreter, then
> auto-save on exit, and probably on timed basis too, then load the whole
> environment from disk and continue hacking as if nothing happened).
>>From quick googling I seem to find Pluto and Eris persistence libraries,
> but IIUC they are only libs, and would still need some coding to build such
> interpreter on them?
> tx
> /Mateusz.