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Am 23.02.2014 16:14 schröbte Enrico Colombini:

Of course a list printer (which is, after all, just a minor convenience)
would make the interpreter a lot more complex and will never satisfy
everybody. Apologies for uncovering a Pandora vase ;-)

Sometimes you can't please everybody as we have recently experienced. Sometimes good enough must be, well, good enough. But so far the standalone Lua interpreter has been seen as an example program that demonstrates the use of the Lua library (and a complex example is not always a good example). That's probably why it is rather minimalistic. Maybe the announcement about Lua 5.3 and `=` indicates a shift. But given that the default Lua interpreter is just example code, there is room for a serious Lua interpreter application. There are some nice experiments out there: ilua[1] was already mentioned, then there is luarepl[2] by Rob Hoelz, I tried[3] to make locals work in the interactive interpreter, and there are lots of pretty printers out there. It's just that nobody has yet combined those ideas into a working C program (that I know of).