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On 18 Feb, 2014, at 16:22 , joao lobato <> wrote:

> Hello list
> Does anyone know if it is possible to use luasql with an Oracle
> database, in Windows (7, if it matters), without building from source?
> In the the luadist directory tree, I see dlls for mysql, postgres and
> sqlite3, but not for the luasql module itself.
> I've downloaded the binaries package. `luadist list` shows
> luasql-2.3.0 as installed. In Lua, require 'luasql' returns the module
> not found error.
> Am I doing something wrong? Are there alternatives for my use case?
> Thanks in advance.

the luasql module is split into multiple “drivers”, each has its own package in LuaDist. You can use the mysql driver as follows once you install luasql-mysql:

local sql = require “luasql.mysql”

This is well documented[1] on the luasql project page.

The package is included in the current batteries release found on[2] so you just need to download that.



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