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Hi, lists :D

I'd like to share luajit ffi extension library to get more affinity to C sources.

this add more convenient methods to ffi module like C preprocessor, C source runtime compilation, etc.

for the first time, ffiex aim to complement lcpp (
so that it can parse system C header files. but it gradually provide more general support for getting along with gcc, because of my other project's requirement. 

so finally I will decide it to another project of lcpp. 
I really feel big thanks to lcpp author, because quite large part of ffiex's C preprocessor is originally from lcpp project. (I also made pull request for my fix )

I realize that supporting old fashioned system C header files, is really hard thing. so it will still cause error for some pathological C headers, you encounter such an error when you try to use ffiex, I would appreciate if you report it.

Takehiro Iyatomi(弥富 豪宏)