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I did some tests in the last hours.
I could not use the noparser.c because i try a amalgamed build to reduce exe-size. I implemented the changes in the orginal .c/.h files.

My results: (MinGW x32-4.8.1-win32-dwarf-rev5, no icons/.res linked in)
 -DNOUNDUMP: need undump to load precompiled chunk -> not usable
 -DNODUMP:   no big difference in size -> not used
    srlua.exe (-DNOPARSER): 151.0 kB
    srlua.exe (standard):   173.5 kB

I glue a precompiled "glue.lua" to srlua and i rename the resulting glue.exe. ("glue52_lfs_lpeg.exe" = preloaded lfs + lpeg) This way i can keep different loaders without external dependencies.
(i attached my glue.lua to this email.)


Am 10.02.2014 12:55, schrieb Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo:
(of course, the numbers now are slightly different.)

Here are updated numbers for a Linux box:

total: 132481 core: 76310 libs: 56171 parse: 26284
total: 100%   core: 58%   libs: 42%   parse: 20% of total, 34% of core

On Mac OS X 10.7.5 I get:
total: 164921 core: 102360 libs: 62561 parse: 35082
total: 100%   core: 62%    libs: 38%   parse: 21% of total, 34% of core

The numbers are the TEXT sizes in bytes reported by the size program
for liblua.a.

Description: Zip compressed data