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On Fri, Feb 07, 2014 at 09:21:19 -0000, John Hind wrote:
> Meta-question here, but can anyone explain why this keeps happening in the
> message digest email?

It'll be to do with whether or not UTF-8 turns up in the message body.
Mailman's digest support is not great and can mess things up in that case.

If anyone has fixes for that, I'd gladly entertain patches to the mailman we
run the list on.

> It claims to be text/plain but actually is a block of cryptic upper and lower
> case letters and digits terminated with an = sign. Steve Donovan clearly had
> no problem with it as he quotes the message content which I cannot see. I am
> receiving using Microsoft Outlook 2007 on Windows 8.1.

The content type is text/plain, but it looks like you've been supplied content
*transfer-encoded* with base64.

In general, I 100% distrust the digest mode for mailing lists since it also
makes it much much harder to usefully join in conversations.


Daniel Silverstone               
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